Living as Surabaya Local Guides for Over One Years

April 27, 2018

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Let me introduce my self first, my name is Winata Arafad Fal Aham, mostly peoples call me Badai, a young 23 years old that love meet new people, travel and food, and I live in Surabaya, East Java. So I am a Surabaya Local Guides, now i am Level 8.
Check on Google maps : Surabaya

Since when did I join local guides?
My first meet up I join was official foodcrawl meet up by Google Local Guides. In that time, I came as volunteer (non local guides). I helped Googler (which is mbak Bella W ) to acompany a group of foodcrawl (as PIC of Foodcrawl Budget). So I never contribute to Google Maps before. After that I really excited to know and doing Local Guides activity. Just like give a review and you got a chance to give impact to each others and of course meet each others as Local Guides. On end of 2016, then I started my journey as a Surabaya Local Guide for day to day.

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Why did I join Local Guides?
At first, I joined Local Guides because of euphoria official meet up i participated that i mention before, from there i know through local guides we can contribute to peoples. Helping (guiding) google maps user to add missing information, so Google Maps to be more and more accurate. It could be said everybody use google maps for navigation. As long as that. They are all local guides (Would be a Local guides in the right times). And with the huge number of google maps user. It’s easier to show the message that I want people to get because it appears as review, rating, ask and answer, pictures, videos, and etc on Google Maps. Time went by and I learned that Local Guides is not just a program about contribute to google maps, “but it connects people”.  And whether you realize it or not, Local guides makes you even more having more friends than before.

Now that I’ve been a Local Guides for more than one year, Local Guides means a lot to me, I’ve got the chance to know so many new friends (a new family), great experiences and new opportunities through Local Guides. I have so many remarkable moments because of Local guides. That’s was when i met @shirley and ). As you know they live in Canada and San Fransisco. We met only on Local Guides Connect, while they travel to Surabaya, Indonesia. Finally we met in person in real life. It also happen in my travel journey. I travel to Jogja (follow this link), Malang, Bojonegoro and also other city too then i met up with Local Guides there.

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In my begining journey of being a Surabaya Local Guides I started and managed unofficial Local Guides Surabaya instagram account. Here i managed a lot of new peoples to join and in charge to share information outside our Surabaya Local Guides community. Mostly, new members or new collaboration come from our social media. Peoples became aware about our existence and being educate a lot about Local Guides program. We hit more than 1.4k real followers. The biggest unofficial local guides instagram account (THIS WOULDN'T BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT FULL SUPPORT BY LOCAL GUIDES SURABAYA MEMBER).

As i managed Local Guides Surabaya unofficial instagam account. I post stories and feed, share information, make a caption, reply DM, reply comments, answer question, give likes, and many more. Managing unofficial Local Guides Surabaya social media growth as big community in Surabaya. Here how is crowd of our instagram:

So we collect member from our unofficial instagram account, and we have simple rules. Its about meet in person in real life. If they have joined minimum one meet up, they are eligible to join Line group chat and if its not they must join WA group first for meet up update or discussion all about local guides program.

Some people label me as coordinator of Local Guides Surabaya. But I'm just an active Local Guides Surabaya member just like everyone else. Maybe it’s because there was a moment when  ask me to replace his position as Surabaya Local Guides Moderator and he becomes Sidoarjo Local Guides Moderator. But its never happen. Thats why Surabaya Local Guides Coordinator seem suitable label for me because its already there is Surabaya Local Guides Moderator (@FahmiAdimara).

Well, basically Local Guides is fun so we have to use it as we are having fun. I mean like, basically, Local Guides encourages us to make friends in real life through foodcrawl, photowalk, geowalk, and others meet up. It’s all about us, its powered by us. So, do not be afraid to try something new and share new ideas in improving our meet up. Just don’t stop!

Local Guides Surabaya just proved it ! we success made new variant meet up. Like, Yoga class, Running meet up we call this as sport meet up. then we discuss about another variant meet up, then we try to touch our heart by social meet up. For example, we share Sahur and Buka food to people who are fasting in Ramadhan (follow this link 1, link 2), then we visited orphanage to give donation and moral support (follow this link). Then, We collaborate a lot to other local community in Surabaya (follow this link). For a ton of fun sometimes we watch movies together. And we realize that we love cafein :D so we make coffee crawl (follow this link 1, link 2).

For a years, Local Guides Surabaya has organized more than 100 Meet up, My inspiration is always about meeting people, especially those who never i met before in person. In here I've met so many new friends, and we've become a big family of Local Guides Surabaya. #localguidesuniteus

As i managed Local Guides Surabaya unofficial instagam account and groub chat, here I try to Highlight all Local Guides Surabaya meet up :

This is my live now. Day to day being Surabaya Local Guides. We meet up every week and every month both as Local Guides or not. I manage unofficial instagram account so i do public relation, managing people, managing community as far as people label me as Coordinator of Surabaya Local Guides (Unofficial Surabaya Local Guides Moderator).

Instagram Local Guides Surabaya :

Hope you enjoy my experience being a Local Guides
Cherio !

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