Wawancara oleh Humas Pemkot Surabaya via akun instagram @surabaya

Agustus 14, 2017

JAWAPOS X @SUrabaya_170818_0002.jpg

On August 14th, 2017 i got message from @chandra he is from Public Relation Surabaya Goverment via @Surabaya. He told me that Surabaya have new daily program. The program is #SATCOM or Saturday Community. So he want us Local Guides Surabaya to be featured on their program. And we are the first community to be featured there. Of course I agree. Besides that in same day all delegation Local Guides Indonesia got agenda interviewed by Jawa Pos Newspaper. Oke lets doing spontan meet up. I ask Local Guides Surabaya to meet up ini Graha Pena, its Jawa Pos. To meet delegation and got interviewed by Public Relation Surabaya Goverment via @Surabaya.

Beside talks about Local Guides Surabaya activities. We talk about Local Guides Surabaya new achievement, yes they are the delegation of course. 3 of 5 delegation from Surabaya. #BanggaSurabaya. They excited hear this news. And also we excited too when they tell us that they are local guides too. Oh what a surprise! They have been contribute in google maps too. lol.

So after long interviewed we take pict together and continue meet up in another place. To show Nunu Afuah and Muthia one of legend coffee in Surabaya

JAWAPOS X @SUrabaya_170818_0001.jpg

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